I have 2 offers

Both are for my puffin:

I have ALLWAYS wanted an angle so bad

Shaqularstar: one ding
A la Mode: raw marks
Darkstar: couple dings
Y factor: beat

Which one should i chose???


The angle seems fun

If the Angle is mint or near mint, I’d take the Angle.


Why second guess yourself? It seems pretty obvious that you want the angle and have for a while.

Trust yourself!

I think the decision her eis pretty simple… ANGLE!

If the angle is mint, then do that. If not, then the other offer is better. I would personally go with the 2nd offer, but thats because the only yoyo there ive had a decent amount of play on is the shaqler star. I also simply like variety. If i didnt have a big collection, i probably wouldve quit yoyoing a long time ago! I can get bored with one yoyo pretty quickly.

Angle, nuff said…