I have 2 offers


Both are for my puffin:

I have ALLWAYS wanted an angle so bad

Shaqularstar: one ding
A la Mode: raw marks
Darkstar: couple dings
Y factor: beat

Which one should i chose???




The angle seems fun


If the Angle is mint or near mint, I’d take the Angle.


(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #5

Why second guess yourself? It seems pretty obvious that you want the angle and have for a while.

Trust yourself!


I think the decision her eis pretty simple… ANGLE!


If the angle is mint, then do that. If not, then the other offer is better. I would personally go with the 2nd offer, but thats because the only yoyo there ive had a decent amount of play on is the shaqler star. I also simply like variety. If i didnt have a big collection, i probably wouldve quit yoyoing a long time ago! I can get bored with one yoyo pretty quickly.


Angle, nuff said…