sOMETHING Show off thread!

Here is my only one:

This yoyo deserves a better pic.

Paging Stickman.

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I’ll get a photo up in the morning. It’s half past midnight here and there’s no chance of getting a decent shot under these horrible energy saving bulbs I’ve got around the house.


I can always get excited about a sOMEThING Show-Off thread !! These pictures were already posted in another thread,… but what the heck.

I’ll start with the Pink/Silver Angle that Apollo2 posted, I’m sure he’ll agree that the Angle is a phenomonal YoYo.

The two montages are my entire collection of sOMEThING’s. I’m a bit out of control when it comes to collecting these YoYo’s. Any YoYo that is so great that it can make even my throwing look good, deserves all the praise I can give it.

They are simply Beautiful YoYo’s in every measure. If you have not had the chance to throw an Anglam or an Angle, I’m sure you will want one once you get the opportunity. Mickey has proven he designs YoYo’s as well as he throws them.

After Stickman’s post, anything else we post here would seem somewhat superfluous XD


That’s pretty funny Yuki, but I only have a few of the sOMEThING models. It would be great to see some of the other models, and hear what people think of them. I still have not had an opportunity to throw a “Superfly”. it would be great to see some photos of a few of those, and hear how they throw.

Stickman… you have more Anglams than I’ve had hot dinners. Flip…

You’re in luck. I happen to own a Superfly and used to own the Superfly Remix (sold to cover my recent YYR binge). Both fantastic throws. The Superfly is surprisingly fast for an h-shaped throw with so much rim weighting. Pretty neat and comfortable shape with no odd sharp edges to be found anywhere. The Superfly Remix plays a lot like a TP Positron. Does everything incredibly well without any fuss and the blasted finish grinds pretty well. Amazingly, I couldn’t find any pictures of the Remix, but I did find this picture of the Superfly on my instagram:

Also found this picture of my Anglam and its CC brother:

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I don’t get how you can buy 12 Anglams, 10 Angles and not even try out the Superfly or Remix. I’d figure you’d have chucked it in to one of your obviously numerous orders. Not criticising or anything, just weird.

Better ::)…

Who said I’ve bought them ? You assume more than you should…

Dang stickman! You killed the thread!

Just trying to Keep it Real !!

That pink/silver angle used to be mine!!!

I wish I had sOMETHING to post here…

So how does the Anglam play in comparison to other top-ends? (Eg. YYR and General Yo)

About a quarter of a step ahead of YYR. Comes down to preference really.


Much prefer YYR to my Anglam. Just preference i suppose.