sOMEThING the V Vibe?

I recently bought myself a sOMEThING V, and it was really nice at first, super smooth, cool caps, fast and whatnot, but after 2 days, it suddenly developed a horrible wobble/vibe.

Any idea what might’ve caused it? Anyone else have this problem?

try removing the caps and see if it gets any better

I have, and it does help a bit, but it was much much smoother before.

It was almost dead smooth. I though it might’ve been the somewhat rough bearing, so I replaced it with the Double-Straight bearing that came with my Blink, but it still won’t calm down.

Maybe the spacers are crooked?

I was thinking that the press fit spacer may not be pushed all the way in
make sure the spacers are flush

Alrighty, thanks. I’ll try to press the spacers in and see how it goes.