Something superfly

Hey guys. I curently have a dv888 and i feel i need something better. Something faster, with longer sleep time, smoother and more stable. Someone said that the superfly is an awesome yoyo. Can anyone tell me more about it? The same person told me its the best yoyo out there at the moment. True? How good is it compared to my dv888? How is it compared to c3 and clyw models?

Since you said clyw
The wooly marmot is a nice throw if you want it for sleep time and speed
That’s your throw

While I cannot say anything about Superfly, it was designed by Mickey, who plays FAST AND EXTREME, so speed and spin time are definitely a huge part of the superfly. From my own experience, The YYF Superstar is fast and spins a long time, the YYF Genesis, The YoYoJam Phenom(izm), the One Drop Dietz, SPYY Supra, C3 Trident, YoYoFactory Skyline, 3yo3 Accent, and TONS more.

On the more expensive side, Turning Point Positron, YoYoRecreation Messiah, and YoYoRecreation Sleipner.

The person who told you that the superfly is the best yoyo out there is only speaking of his preference. Someone else might pick up a superfly and absolutely hate it. I intact don’t care for the superfly at all, I can’t stand the way it plays, BUT THAT’S JUST KY PREFERENCES!!! You may like it, where I don’t. There is no best yoyo, only best for you