sOMEThING Neon strings (100% poly) review

When I first bought yo-yo from Mickey I tried the string on the superfly purchased. It was great, but I just had one, therefore can’t really review it properly. So this time when I buy the ANGLAM, I also buy 100 sOMEThING strings to make sure of its quality.
And it turned out being awesome.

[Official information (brief)]

YoYoAddict: Strings are slightly thicker than ordinary strings.
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■: This 100% poly string throws like 50/50 strings, which is very unique.

Normal sealed bags - Air-tight when closed to prevent strings from getting humid.
A sticker is within the bag (5*5cm) - I like the design of it, but it’s a bit dark for others to recognized.


sOMEThING string is slightly thicker than YoYoNation (poly) strings. Hard to recognize.
I think it wears the response a little bit slower than YYN, because it’s softer.


100% Polyester.


110~115cm (Approx). Knots already tied up (comparing to Kitty when the knots are left for you to tie them).


For now only orange, pink and yellow strings are available. Comparing to YYN and Kitty when lots of colours and materials to choose from, still way to go.

[String tension handling]

Helicopter-15 test: I adjust the string to 96cm, using ANGLAM and Duncan weight for each string test, hang till string is perfectly natural, then do 15 times of helicopter, then see when I hold the weight and yoyo at same height level, how many crosses will the string tension make.
Helicopter-15: sOMEThING: 6; Kitty*: 4; YYN: 6 (Normal 100% poly kitty)
Helicopter-30: sOMEThING: 11; Kitty: 14; YYN: 17
When having not much string tension, sOMEThING strings’ performance are the same as YYN (Kitty better in this situation);
However, when tension increases, sOMEThING string becomes able to handle it more than other brands. (Note: I tested several times and returned back similar results, but didn’t quite understand how it works; It might be different qualities between each bunch of string I guess?)


Polyester strings feel hard when brand new, and at that time they are best at lacerations;
As we use them for a while (say 2min~10min) it becomes softer (let’s call it ‘normal state’?), colour quality slightly decrease, then it’s better for speed tricks and mixed tricks. (That’s why many players don’t use ABSOLUTE brand-new strings on stage, but to play them for a small amount of time).
When brand new, sOMEThING strings feel harder and rougher than YYN a little bit;
It becomes ‘normal state’ almost twice as fast as YYN highlighter, and in this ‘state’ the string is softer than YYN, somewhere near YYN and Kitty (I’d say near YYN more)(Comparatively, Kitty string doesn’t change as much as from new to ‘normal state’)


sOMEThING string is a bit more durable than YYN, not much.
Also not easy to wear and become fluffy, between YYN and Kitty.
Have NEVER experienced when the string actually breaks.

[Tightness and Smoothness]
The bind is tighter than Kitty, but when doing fast-paced tricks-on-string it’s not as good as Kitty string IMO.
When doing speedy tricks, due to its softness, it’s less likely to response unexpected comparing to YYN, which is a bonus of playing fast.

[Lacerations and suicides]

Feels nice, better than Kitty string in this aspect, but slightly not as easy to control as YYN.
Easy to do suicides due to the strings remain their shape nicely during them. Better than Kitty.


YoYoAddict: 1800JPY (yen)
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■: $23.99 USD


Very outstanding quality strings. Especially good at handling string tension, lacerations and suicides. Also have a very satisfied performance on speedy tricks.
More expensive than YYN strings and Kitty strings. If the price is OK for you and you DO string tricks, this is the right pick for you.

[Official picture]

do you know if they’ll be sold in the US?

Though I like the review and its detail [somewhat beats lots of psuedo-reviews in this forum], I don’t know what to say on mentioning other sites even if it’s only purpose is comparison with no intentions of taking business away from YYE.
…have you even tried YYE string? I’m only guessing but I think they’re just about the same as the other site’s string if not the same exact. But I think it’s more appropriate to compare sOMEThING and Kitty String with string that’s sold on this website.

Currently, they are not available in the US. But since I can’t mention anything explicitly, Mickey’s store now offers international shipping. Look it up yourself.

Yeah I’ve tried YYE strings before in local yoyo meets, but it’s hard to remember the details especially when the strings’ are about the same.
It’s a great thing to know that Kitty is being sold on this website :slight_smile: . I make this comparison against kitty and the other strings just because they are mainstream and I have bunches of them (so I can try my best in detail), so people can make comparison and reckon what will sOMEThING string feels easier.
BTW, Yes I definitely agree with you, that making comparison with YYE strings may sounds like taking business out of their market… especially if it’s highly disadvantaged comparing against other strings.

Again, I’m kinda iffy about telling others where to buy the said string because those are competition stores and since this forum is run by a yoyo store, I don’t want to take business away.

Beware next time, man.

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Oh right. Sorry for that, and thank you for mentioning!
I’ll definitely take more care next time :smiley:

No prob! But once again, not to take anything away, I still liked your review! Well informed. :]