Something different

I want to get a new yoyo but i wanted to try something different to my FHZ and Protostar. I am an intermedeat player and can bind. I generaly like bigger yoyos but like i said i want something new not something simmilar to my current yoyos. Also I dont want to spend that much because there is always the possibility that i dont like my new different yoyo.

Try one of the fundametals from YYF for a slightly smaller yoyo or even just pick up a YYJ Legacy or a Dark Magic they are the same size as the protostar but a different shape and if you dont like it put it up on the B/S/T

Ill prolbly get a fundemetal and it’ll be my first metal too ;D

Nice. May I suggest a Dv888 for your first metal? It’s very ideal with the low price now too!

i probly will get the dv888 but unless i can convince my dad to let me use his card im gonna need anothor months worth of alowance so i can buy it at the mall

Ummm… they don’t have yoyos like these at the mall. lol

they do at my mall!! ;D Game Daze FTW

Thats is the coolest mall I have ever heard of! I have looked all around the country for places that have some nice yoyo stuff. The best I have found are some FHZs. So where is this mall, what mall is it? I will probably try to go there.

How much would the Dv888 cost at the mall. It’s usually $65 here but right now it’s $45 for the summer deal. Even if you have to pay $5 shipping it will still be cheaper, probably.

arrowhead mall in glendale Az game daze sells duncan, yyf, and yyj. last time i was there they had all the fundementals, a g5, and a genesis they cost the same as retail so the dv888 is more expensive there but my dad wont let me use his card online even if i give him the money so all my yoyos are from game daze

HSpin Icon.

Often overlooked, but it’s very cheap, and has gotten some stellar reviews.