Some stuff I need to get rid of...


Duncan FH2- Eric Wolff Organic Dyed- Stock. Mint. Beautiful! $50 shipped

Eric Wolff Hand turned bearingized wooden yoyo- Great little yoyo. Undersized. $50 shipped

Alchemy Silk- Schmooved and siliconed and satined. Plays great! $25 shipped

FHZs- All are stock except for the green glitter which is dual- o ringed ( could be replaced w/ silicone) $ Depends which you pick

Bottom left- Kyo Immortalis 2 (pad recessed w/ “For the Ladies” caps) $70 shipped.

Psychodelic Duncan Butterfly from the '60s I believe- Modded by Mod Squad- $60 shipped

Duncan Butterfly from the early '90s- Modded by Mod Squad- $40 shipped

Kyo Senza Nome- Great player $60 shipped (No pic yet)


How much is just the fhz thats white with the black caps?


Thats a Samurai edition and about $30 shipped.

New stuff added!

(winterjibber) #4

wats the yellow one in the group pic


FHZ w/ Throw Down weight rings + Dif rings. It is gone though


Yellow FHZ w/ Throw Down rings
Black MFHZ


Whats its condition? it looks mint in the pic


It is mint.


oh i want it so but im broke and i dont get enough money for two weeks so if its still there ill pick it up

(Elzandnoo) #9

ummmmm i am thinking about the alchemy silk right now would like any trades for it???


Everything is gone except the SPRd Butterfly and Clear FHZ w/ black Throwdown rings

(system) #11