Nice FHZs and YYR items cheep!! T-shirt, Duncan lanyard, Rit, others!!

Hey guys, I have some stuff I want to sell. I am mostly looking for cash but will consider trades
All prices are shipped. Btw I havelots of feedback on another forum so PM me about that

Grey FHC $25
Dual sili recessed
Painted white caps

Trans purple FHC $35
Crucial spacers
Large bearing
Painted white caps

Green/Blue ThrowMonkey $10
Inside out caps

Duncan Lanyard $6
Only able to get at Worlds
Reads, “Yoyos are for cool kids Throw Duncan”

Rit Dye $3 per pack
Great for dying yoyos
Tan and Teal

Dif-e-Yo T- shirt $5
Double sided
Never washed or worn
Extra large

Duncan Ball Counterweights $4
Variety of colors
Never used
Great for 5A