Cheap Duncans FS/T

Alright, I’m in need of some money, and don’t play enough of my yoyos.

First off, a pair of FHZs.I believe these are called Yin Yangs or something like that. White FHZ with black caps and vice versa. Neither of the caps are wiped, the black one is just painted over with marker, and the white ones are Duncan 80th Anniversary caps. The caps have no cracks whatsoever. The black one has a sili recess that isn’t very neat at all, and a Duncan silicone sticker on the other side. The white one is pad recessed with a Duncan friction sticker in it, for the pad, it has a slightly worn Gen pad. Both have scuffs from 3A, nothing major. I’m mostly looking to sell these as a pair. I’ll take 25 shipped for both, or 14 each.
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Next up, is a Momentum. Very beat up, and has slight vibe, no wobble. Doesn’t come with original stacks, however for $5 extra, I can throw it some dice stacks. One of the bearings doesn’t spin, and I don’t have the right size allen wrench to replace it. If you do, then here’s your chance to get a cheap stacked metal. Looking for 35, 40 with dice stacks. Price is negotiable, so offer what you have, just don’t lowball me.
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Tactic gone!

Mainly looking for cash, no paypal, but I can take cash or money order in an envelope.

As for trades, offer anything, the worse I can say is no.
Some specific stuff I’m looking for:
B-Grade SuperStar
Grey or Blue ProtoStar
KK bearings (Size C only please)
Again offer anything, I’m always looking for different yoyos.

I have a One Month Old Transulent Protostar.
Comes with box , etc.
Willing to trade?