Stock Duncans and YYE cards for sell trade.


Ok trying to get rid of the last few unwanteds from our collection.

Buy all the yoyos for $50 shipped.

Pics :

FHZ STOCK dyed purple one cap was satined before it was dyed $10

FHZ STOCK dyed pink it was in the acetone for to long and as a texture to it nothing bad just different $7

FHZ STOCK painted red, blue, yellow, and green with silver glitter $10

FHZ STOCK With blue, green, and gold glitter with silver glitter on the sides $10

FHZ STOCK yellow, green , and blue swirl with silver glitter and stars $10

TM STOCK Green with white rims. Rims have some marks $10

Flying Squirrel STOCK Caps paited white with logo in different colors and body red with silver glitter stars. Both caps have cracks. $5

Two pack of YYE cards UNOPENED Offer.

Also have a pack of Duncan Friction stickers I believe about 44 are still in there Will throw these in if you buy all the yoyos. $4

What we are looking for:
Ceramic KKs size C
Centertrac size C
Spec Size C
DV888 Lrg bearing
Glow DIE-Nasty

(Joshhh) #2

just a tip, the YYE trading cards arent worth more then like, a dollar :-X


Bump. Had no idea What they are worth which is why I put offer.


Bump make an offer you may be surprised.

(system) #7