Want a FHZ?

(Bradley Moss) #1

I have a Duncan FHZ, it has a few small scratches on it, still plays great. It’s black with the 80th anniversary caps. Icthus recess siliconed this bad boy. Pics later. $15 shipped takes it.



What do you mean by “cash”?

(Bradley Moss) #3

Fold up some cash in a couple of pieces of paper, put it in an envelope, and send it to me.

(Bradley Moss) #9

Bump, will get the updated pics along with pics of each individual yoyo today.


where is it that u live? just curious. I like to order from places, sites, or shops close to home. I don’t like to wait. lol


u got pics? would greatly help in the decision making

(Bradley Moss) #12

I live in Oklahoma.

Pictures are now up.

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