Freehand Value Pack

College is expensive, unlike my yoyo’s.
If you want to see my feedback, I can PM you the links to my feedback from other forums.


Now selling items individually. Please PM offers (assume offer does not cover shipping).
The bundle as a whole can be purchased for $50 + shipping

Paypal only please

All yoyo’s are siliconed recessed, except the FH2010 and Phantom, which are both unresponsive.

…and yes I know the Phantom isn’t a Duncan, call it a bonus.

Left to Right: Shinwoo Phantom, Duncan FHZ, Duncan FHZ, Duncan Freehand 2010, Duncan FH2, Duncan FH2

All of them have a little abuse on them, but nothing a little sanding out can’t fix.

Please PM for close-ups.

A previous owner attempted to sharpie the clear FH2…you can still kinda see it…