Some string I made... (Silk string on Page 2)

So, It’s been awhile. Anyone remember me? :slight_smile:

 Anyhow, I've been making yoyo string for about 2 years now. I just started to experiment with rayon today, these strings are somewhat rough.  I hoped that the nylon, which is super soft, would balance it out. It helped, but the obvious roughness of the Rayon is still apparent. I'm now experimenting for a fix for this problem, because I absolutely love rayon's sheen. EDIT: Actually, the I tried 2:5 rayon:nylon and the strings are about as rough as polyester kitty strings, and three times better with slacks and whips. So much better than 3:4. I also have several different formats, my best are two polyester types and one nylon type. I'm tempted to see what people think of the string by sending it to testers, but for now, I want to see what you all think of the colors. I call the string "Heartstrings". 

 These are 7 strands each, 3:4 Rayon:Nylon. I only have dark blue and red for rayon, and I have red, light blue, green, yellow, and orange nylon thread. I'm stuck with these colors, until mid April, which is when thread is 50% off in Joann's. Can anyone tell me of some color mixes that would look good? The dark blue is just a hindrance, I would like to focus on the red. Preferably 2 color ideas, but I'm willing to accept 3-color ideas as well. 

TL;DR: What do you think of the string, and do you have any ideas with my limited thread colors?

Yeah I remember you.

Nice looking string and I’d suggest going for blue and orange. C=

Haha, actually, the second picture is Blue and Orange. It just goes to show how dark the blue is.

Oh, and I made this a few minutes ago:

It plays beautifully. I’m am not going to blatantly share the number of threads, ratio, etc, but if you read everything I said earlier, it’s pretty obvious what I have done, this is better than 3:4 or 2:5 (hint, hint.). I gotta say, this plays like a dream.

Those look very good. I love the colors of… well all of them haha

you should sell and where did you get the string strands you used to make it

Make some that are all red like in the first pic, and call them Twizzler strings. The red ones made me want a Twizzler…I got hungry they look so good. Keep it up, and let us know the feedback from the testers too.

Thanks! I get all of my thread from Joann’s. During April they have a 50% off all thread sale, so if you’re willing to wait, that’s the time to buy tons of thread.

Hehe, I don’t have any testers yet, and I’m not ready to have any still. Thanks for the idea, too, but TBH I still like “Heartstrings”. :wink:

Oh, and I made three new strings today (new colors), I should be able to upload them to my desktop in a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Looks good…
Should let me test em along with some strings I’ll be getting for testing next week :wink:

Those look really nice. I recently tested some strings and they where amazing buy the maker never got back to me on price or anything so for now I’m looking elsewhere. Of you need a tester in the future I could do a side by side comparison with G strings, YYSL, the other strings I tried, Chaos string and regular poly highlights.

I really like the colors, they could look great on my yoyos.

Those look really good.

Ya look pretty smooth. Im curious how they play

If you need a tester. I’ll be glad to help. I like the colors of all of them also. I was going to make some string with rayon,poly and I found some silver or gold metallic thread. If it works it would look fantastic.

Yea i always thought throwing wit some shiney gold string would be hotness. Gimmie!

I went to the store and got some gold metallic thread. It looks super cool! You should see it out in the sun ;D.I took pics of them but cant seem to link the pics or insert them.I’ll figure it out.
Note: If you make the string with the metallic thread dont use more then 4 or 5 threads. 6 starts to not want to bind. I made one string totally out of gold and it wont bind at all. You should see how it holds a suicide loop, it was wide open even after throwing for ten or so tricks.

The fact that it looks soooo cool is worth the try.

hope it works
sorry about the fuzziness of the pics I used are crappy camera.


So I made some more string tonight. I figured out the right amount of metallic thread. I found after play with the string all day 4 or 5 strings is the max. The 2 or 3 string count gives enough shine and bling to look cool and plays really great. lol I just got a name for them BLing string or metalbind
The black and gold and red looks friken awesome
All said and done out of a 200 yard spool. I made 20 or so strings. Now that I know to use only 2 or 3 threads. I think I could get 35 strings.
Cant wait to find some more metal thread.

It looks great, ill pm you where to buy metallic thread, i build fishing rods, so i know where to buy it.
Great job man.

That right
the metal thread thats holds on the eyes of the rods. Also I tie my own flies for trout Ive never used the metal thread. That could be fun.
Do you sell these fishing rods? If so how much?

i haven’t started selling yet, but i plan too soon, ill pm you some pictures. After i finish working on my bamboo rod :P, also, watch out for twisted metallic, like that from fishhawk, it likes to untwist, and would suck for yoyo strings, its also pretty rough.