Homemade string

like it?

Yes. Partial to blue and white, and that’s nice looking.

Canadian eh? ;D

Looks nice. how does it play?

Not Canadian, Californian. Yeah, it’s almost like we’re a whole other country over here.

I was talking about the color.

Send me a PM if you want to try it.

I like blue and white too. ::slight_smile:

Did you make that? Looks nice.

Nice colors, but I personally think you should create the string tighter.

Yeah it’s 40% Rayon 60% Poly. C=

It’s tighter when you see it for yourself.

Leafs, suck! I guarantee that if you if you make it red black and gold it will play 1000000% better.

I’ve got everything but the red. >:(

Off topic: GO CANES!!

How does it play? I’m pretty interested in trying it. Looks awesome too.

It looks pretty loose. I’d twist it longer. I don’t care if you say it’s tight in person, just try it :wink:

You think that’s loose? You should have seen my first string. Nonetheless, I’ll try it.

PM me.

I’ve been experimenting with fishing line today;

^^It doesn’t like to wind up.

1/6 Fishing line 5/6 Poly;

Fishing line has some interesting properties. It doesn’t break in and is very stiff and strong.

These are by no means the only strings I’ve made lately but they are the most interesting.

I need to get some fishing line. And I wouldn’t mix fishing line with polyester, the polyester wound fray faster or the fishing line would cut the polyester. Other than that, how does it play?

the BLUE and WHITE string can be for the Kentucky Wildcats!!!

Not to my liking. A bit stiff after about an hour and a half. (the second one) The straight Polyester is hardly playable.

Whats wrong with fray? Also it isn’t sharp enough to cut polyester, all it does is reinforce it.