Some Sort of Slack?

41-45! What is this trick? It’s driving me half way to crazy-land!

Its just a long variation of the Brent.

Could you teach me how? Do you know how? What is the “Brent?”

My guess would be Brent Stole but IDK. IMO spinning the string like that and doing a follow motion is impossible. But you can practice and get it.

No, the Brent. Doc Pop taught it in an episode of PopCast. I think it was 4, or 6. I’ll try to find it.

Man, no one knows the Brent anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, it’s a sort of whip variation. He starts with an underwhip, and uses his other hand to redirect the slack in another direction. He keeps doing that, until he whips it into the gap. You can even do it from jade whip. There’s a very basic version in this video at 1:48, and you can watch the second whip in the beginning of the video to see what it should look like.

Oh I don’t know what that is and a vid would be nice. PM me it

I do my own variation of it. You’ll see when my vid comes out. I did it HORRIBLY though. What you do is go into a trapeze, open up the loop on the trapeze with your throw hand index, underpass to the back string, grap the string on your throw hand index with your thumb and hold it tight against your hand, let go of the front string on your non throw hand index, then whip the slack and move the yoyo around however you want.

yeah in my eyes it looks impossible. like some Jedi God whipping his lightsaber around!!!

yea the brent is fun! i really like this guy, i like the tricks he does where he throws slack around and messes around with the yoyo like it is 5a or something, its pretty sweet