some questions about how to start.


Hi all,
i’m new here and in the all yoyoying, i have baught my new legacy days ago , and i have some questions.( sorry if my english is not good =\ )

  1. i know that the legacy is an unrespinsive yoyo and i want to start learning , so i got here to yoyoexpert and i have start with the " learning " in the site . but there is tricks that i can’t do with my legacy like the Gravity Pull or the Forward Pass and many others. so what you adviced me ? from where can i start ?

2.if there is a website or videoes about how to start and the begginer tricks with unresponsive yoyo can u tell me.?

Have a nice day all of you .


Id say start with sleeper, learn how to bind then work on tricks. from there mayb the picture tricks, around the world, i wouldnt worry too much about UFO. then once you are comfrtable with the yoo move on to intermediate and then just go down the list.


To add on the reply above I’ll say you can make the Legacy responsive if you want to begin comfortably. Just use some thick lube, make sure the gap’s tight, and if you really want to get it responsive tie a knot around the bearing. That way you can begin with it responsive and get it unresponsive as you improve.


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those tricks might require a responsive yoyo.i think some thick lube might help.what balamis said


thanx [= , no i have another cheap yoyo and i have did this basic tricks . but when i got the legacy i want to start from the begining so i wondered from where to start .


As you start learning from the videos you will know which ones need a responsive yoyo and which ones dont. You can skip the tricks that need a responsive yoyo or you could buy a cheap responsive to learn those tricks. I got a Legacy as my first unresponsive about a month ago. It doesnt bind too easy so dont be hard on yourself if it takes a while to learn to bind on it. I got a DV888 and it binds easier.

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The great thing about yoyos is that you can make it responsive or unresponsive. If you want it to be responsive you can use yoyojam thick lube, sewing oil, trumpet valve oil, and lots of other stuff.


thanks :wink: greatest forum