Never yoyo'd before -- where do I begin?

I’m looking to get into yo-yoing. Where do you folks recommend I start? What sort of setup should I begin with? Any tutorials I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance. Any input at all is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Get a YYJ Classic and get at it! Check out the Learn section of these forums, and you’ll progress from there. Andre answers most of the questions you might have, but you can also feel free to ask on these forums.

Good luck!

Yoyoexpert has tutorials at the top which are perfectly fine to learn from.

Number 1 yoyo I recommend starting on would be the yoyojam classic. It comes stock responsive with a thin bearing and rubber o-ring response which won’t wear out like friction stickers or silicone. It also has a full size design that makes hitting tricks easier and a very simple construction that’s still modern. Only other thing you need is a 100 bundle of any 100% polly string. You’ll go through it faster than you think. At your current skill level you won’t notice the different so just go for the cheapest stuff.

Also to note is a lot of people will say to buy a bigger bearing and silicone stickers to upgrade the Classic. I’m personally against that since you’re taking away you’re only responsive yoyo. Get a C3 Speedaholic when you think you’re ready for unresponsive play instead and keep the Classic the way it is for fun. Also down the road you may want to pick up some thin lube in order to keep your bearing silent.

Welcome to the yoyoing community :slight_smile:

For a start you most likely will want something responsive, meaning that it will come back to your hand with a tug. A cheap option would be a yoyojam classic. It is a fantastic responsive yoyo and should be able to handle all your tricks. When you are ready, you can also modify it to play unresponsive.

As for tutorials, look for some on youtube. There are many comprehensive tutorials that are easy to learn from. I’m not a fan of the learn section of the forum, but it may work for you.

If you need any help, or have any questions, you can PM me, or post a topic like this one. As you get better and look through the forums more, you will pick up terms like KK, CT, TH, rejection, slack, technical and countless others. If you are not sure of anything, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy yoyo.

Thank you all so much for your help. I will order a YoYoJam classic and get going!

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Don’t trust the maintenance section of the tutorials, it’s a bit out dated.

I’m new to yo-yoing too i have learned some of the terms you named like rejection and lsakc and technical is how difficult a tricks but the other ones you mentioned i don’t get like kk, ct, and th can you explain those and some other ones i might come across on here

kk means konkave bearing
th mean throw hand.
ct means center trak.

yeah not many people explain these to the new people.

the site your on YoYoExpert has some great tutorials and if your a beginner a yoyojam classic would be perfect it’s one of the best beginner yoyos on the market. Also if you feel the need to upgrade you can buy a wide bearing and some flowable silicone or response stickers. Also start responsive it sounds lame now but it teaches you some basic skills that you will need later and that will help you along the way.

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You can tell it isn’t Facebook by my presence being here.

I started with a YoyoFactory Fast 201 yoyo sold on this site. From there, use the tutorials on this site to learn tricks.

I like the tutorials on this site, but youtube does help. I did too start with a fast 201 and I never regretted it. I got it when I was 12 or so, so about 8 years ago when they went big and were sold in like, target and what not.

I went from fast 201, dark magic 2, 888. I know pretty much all the 1a tricks on here, and now i’m branching out to 4a, 2a, and 5a. Honestly if your looking for just one yoyo, I’d say get the dark magic, it’s great as an unresponsive and responsive yoyo. If your looking for cheaper side, i’d say fast 201 one to start, even though you’ll have to buy an unresponsive yoyo to learn more tricks.

(Also, the 1a and what not are styles of play. Don’t worry about them just yet, most people start with 1a as a started, then move on to others. Or that has been my experience. : 1a=one yoyo connected to the string. 2a=looping yoyos for looping tricks. 4a= one (or more i’m not sure) yoyo NOT connected to the string. And 5a= Counterweight or one yoyo connected to the string, but the string is not connect with you hand.)

Yeah but feel free to pm me too (You can do that with the little symbol to the left of this post under my name) if you have any questions also. XD Hope you have fun with it man!

I find yoyojam classics to be very good for beginners. As for tutorials I would say use the ones on this site. Also yotricks has some pretty good tutorials. By the way have fun in the wonderful world of yoyos!

When you’re ready to start playing unresponsive, you can start out with a YYF Onestar (which I have and love), or a C3 speedaholic (which has amazing reviews).

Happy yoyoing!