Some DNA or a Pretzal

I’m torn between the Wierrd Love Pretzal and the DNA. Can anyone help me out. I love everything if my DM and marmot were together, but i want one i can easily hand start and play, but mostly play. Please pick only one or the other. Most other suggestions will be ignored.


A month ago i would have told you the Werrd, but times have changed and I have a superior yo-yo to that. I would get any thing from General Yo, the 5* it amazing, the Hat Trick is equally amazing or even better than the 5*. And I would never recommend YYF (that is my own personal opinion). There are a lot of 5* on bst right now and if I had the money I would swipe them up.

I’d go with the DNA!

or MARMOT, DNA is to big for my tastes, and i don’t like Stacks :stuck_out_tongue:

He wants a big yoyo, and has a Marmot.

I’m going with the red DNA, or silver. Can you help me out again?

red… I always go with the most chromatic color.

Ummm, whichever color you like more? They’re no different.

Flip a coin.

Red DNA, done. i’ll leave this up for other people