DNA or Peak?

(Mark) #1

I’m thinking about getting a metal yoyo. Both yoyos look and seem great for me and if I am correct, they both are Full Sized. I just want some feedback and opinion of the two so I can choose. I saw Jayyo’s Raw Peak and I might need to jump on that quickly. Also, the DNA is getting retired.


well,I dont have a peak but have tried one.the peaks dont really play good,but thats just me.i love DNAs and cant believe they are already retiring.I think peaks are more for show than actual play,and I also think they are waaaay overated.I would go with the DNA,but that is just me,some people like peaks other dont.

(VincentD) #3

Peaks have a high resale value if you manage to grab one.

DNAs will be easy to get but probably won’t sell for much if you don’t like it.

Overall though, they play about the same.

(Mark) #4

Thanks I am leaning on the DNA because it is retiring but I really want to see how good the yoyos are from my Hometown :wink: and I am anxious about it.


Ya,if you want a player get a DNAif you want a yoyo for show get the peak.I guess the DNA is the best for u.

(Mark) #6

Yeah. Im sure the Peaks will still be out in one year’s time.


doesnt mean they wont be selling out as fast

(Mark) #8

If they still sell them, I will get one sooner or later right? I mean sure it may be fast. Maybe I will go directly to CLYW to get one. You never know.


good luck ith finding one!

(Mark) #10

Yeah! Maybe I can get Jayyo’s one if I like it.


looks awsome,


I personally love my DNA, the play is so silky smooth. I can’t speak for Peaks since I have never thrown one. I do know that if you get a DNA you will definitely not be disappointed. They didn’t get the hype they deserved so it is easy to get one at the moment.


The DNA won’t cost you as much, and the grinding finish is amazing from what i’ve heard.

(Mark) #14

Thanks all. Does anyone have a view on the Peak? Preferably a 2nd run peak?

(J. Lev) #15

I’ve been around some pretty killer yoyos… 888, 4xl, California, BvM, Noctu to name a few.

The Peak is the best yoyo that I’ve ever thrown in my opinion.


I’m gonna go with the Peak here.

Also, Peaks are also sold out on CLYW’s website as well.

(Mark) #17

Yes. But I think I will get the DNA first. Since it’s retiring.