Solenoid or Leviathan (different versions) or basilisk light or positron 1,2

I just got money so what should I get
Solenoid 1.1
Cheaper could buy it right now

Leviathan 3.1 or 2 or 1 or 1 light added 5
more expensive than solenoid
Might be better since I prefer small
2 is cheapest along with 1, light, and 3.1 is most expensive because of marble color

Or I could get basilisk light for leviathan’s price
It might be really good and I also have liked larger diameter

Added positron and positron 2


I like the Leviathan out of those 3 choices, very solid and can be pushed to high speeds without feeling uncomfortable. Some people love the solenoid though, it depends if you like undersized or full sized.

what version though???

I would go with the 3 or basilisk light.

Can you please compare these yo-yos when saying stuff?
I don’t know their pros and cons

Differences are so small I doubt you’ll be able to tell the difference in play between any two Leviathans, they all play VERY similar. Just get the 3, in my experience it seemed to be slightly better at horizontal play cuz of the slightly lower wall. Just get the one that looks the best, or is in the best condition, or eenie minie moe.

Differences between basilisk and leviathan?