Leviathan 1 vs YYR Sleipnir/ Z-On / Triplet


Title ^^ .
Mr.Geezer you are very welcomed to go full out here since I’m pretty sure TP and YYR go in the same sentence :stuck_out_tongue:


It would probly be best to just list your price point and we can give you some recommendations


Around 100$ :slight_smile:


I personally found the triplet a little heavy and thin but very stable

Sleipnir was a lot faster and performed very well but I have a soft spot for the leviathan 1 since it fits my preferences more. The semi organic 53mm shape performs really well and fits nicer in your hand but doesn’t really do well at horizontal play like the sleipnir.

If you’re going for under $100 maybe consider the new C3 stuff like the heartbeat or apparition. There’s also the onedrop gradient and T1.


I’ve literally just bought a Gradient and I really hate it . Mainly due to it’s weight . I think its around 2g lighter than a CZM8 which I really like. So basing myself on that alone , Triplet would be something fitting my preferences. I’m receiving a Format C soon so I hope it’s better than the Gradient. I’ve been searching hard for a Gleipnir but it’s close to impossible to find these days. :confused: