CLYW, YYR, Werrd, YYF. Take a look.

For sale or trade.

Looking for:
Mr. Butcher
Irony JP
New C3 things
Ti Walker.

More Pictures can be found here:

Prices are negotiable.

YYR Triplet- $80
Very smooth, raw with 3a marks. pictures coming soon.

FG Arctic Circle- $70
Small damage all around, small ano flaws.

Victor Catalyst- $70
Mint, smooth

YYF H.O.T. $80
Pink. Mint.

CLYW Summit- $90
two tone- near mint.

Werrd Irony SG- Offer
Probably won’t let this go. 1 of 6 that will ever be made, only sold at worlds. offer whatever

YYF Genesis- $60
near mint, super smooth.

PM me if you have any questions.

That SG is a Purple Unicorn.

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