FS/FT - Irony JPx, CLYW Puffin2, OD Valor

Selling my collection, I don’t yoyo anymore. So no trades whatsoever. All my prices are in USD and include shipping. If you want more detailed pictures just pm me.

Sold! Werrd Irony SG w/Box: Smooth on string. Has a couple of dings and marks on the rim but nothing major. There is only 7 of these in the world. $100 Shipped.

Sold! CLYW Canvas w/Box: Very smooth on the string, has very little damage on the bearing seat. Also has a tight bearing seat that doesn’t affect play. This is a 1 of 3 unengraved run. $110 Shipped.

OneDrop Valor w/Box: Very smooth on the string, has two scuffs on the rims. $70 Shipped.

Sold! Werrd IronyJPx w/Box: Very smooth on the string, has 2 very small dings on the bearing seat, also has a very tight bearing seat but other then that it has no damage and very smooth. $100 Shipped.

Sold! General-Yo Prophecy w/Box: Very smooth on the string, has 2-3 light small scratches on the blue side of the yoyo. $70 Shipped.

CLYW Puffin 2 w/Box: Very smooth on the string, has two small scuffs on the rims. Also has some scratches on the rims. $70 Shipped.

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you spell it mini not miny

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Only one B/S/T per person.

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Bump! Im really looking for a Turning Point Positron!

Are you selling the Torrent 1?

BUMP! Want list Updated!

Bump. Friend might buy the Canvas!

Bump. Canvas gone to my friend!

Hey I’m kinda interested in your gnarwhal and was wondering if I could add in something to make the price go down

Bump! Need Cash! Or what’s on my want list!

I have a Clareview Station FG Avalanche

do the scuff marks effect the play on the gnarwal

Yoyoripp- Not interested in a Avalanche right now. Superwalter360- No they do not it’s Super smooth. Well anyways Bump!

Bump! Need a Model 10! Or money so I can get a Model 10!

Bump!! New stuff added, but good luck getting them!

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Bump! Update with new stuff!

Im jsut going to go ahead and say a brand new Burnt Orange AC is 135$, in stock here at yye

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Bump! Really need cash.

Would you Give a discount to bundle the CLYW’s?