Sold to Benyo, Thanks Guys!


To be honest, only using metals as a beginner(intermediate) is a terrible idea.
Using plastics seriously builds your style and smooth…ness.
It’ll help a lot.

That, and the protostar is SOOOO AMAZING!!! If only it would grind well it would be my main throw! It plays just as well as metals…

True to that, but i think its not so much as it being plastic but more of a weight issue. i like the feeling of a more heavy throw rather then a lighter one, but i have been using it a lot more lately since i posted this thread up and it definitely is helping me out a lot… thanks for the input too i appreciate it.


Bump Bump Bump Bump it up!!

Ill take both for 65 dollar

No thanks…

25 for the protostar?

how much ya want for the 888? or… ive got the dark magic. ill send you a dark magic, ( its black, no cracks, but the edges are going a little dark from a little too much love.) its the best player around. and ill throw in a new center track.

What can I get if I give you a Dark magic?

hey will you take a black night its in mint condition a little scratched up on the metal (it came that way) and a hayabusa it has a little crach on the side

I’ll give a Red Dark Magic with caps in box w/ a KK bearing and satined Metal FHZ + a dozen neon green alchemy strings for the 888.
The DM is in decent condition. It’s got a few dings from use, but plays like a dream. I bought it in November.
The Metal Zero is pretty much new, the friction stickers have been taken off and there is a single silicon pad response. Both have newly clean and barely lubed bearings.

PM me some pics

Any Pics???

i think it is being hypocritical if you ask for 2 feedback and you dont. its not really a good thing to do

here is the pic:

I spiral satined mine, grinds like a beast

well if you read my post clearly, i only asked for more the 2 feedback responses if im sending both my yoyo’s for the ONE yoyo on my list, im not in a rush to get rid of them, i would just feel more comfortable if i sent both my throws to someone that has more then two responses… if its a one for one then it doesnt matter if they have one, two, or even three… but thanks for the post anyway