SOLD OUT - The 3-Pack - A yoyo case by Bear & Fox Armoury

For those summer days when a 6-pack will weigh you down, this 3-pack is refreshingly ready-to-go! :sunglasses: A soft-padded case that makes for a really chill, yet secure, carry of your current rotation. Slip it into your bag, hop on that bike, and cruise to the park. This is my favourite yoyo case.

I have 6 cases available, 3 of each blue and purple. (These are a one-time run, I canโ€™t even source the stock cases anymore.)
The blue case has a toffee colour patch and the purpleโ€™s has a natural veg tan finish. (The colour of both patches will get darker over time.)

  • Size: 8x4x2โ€ - fits up to 3 throws or 1 kendama with dividers removed.

  • Comes with 2 high-density EVA foam dividers that are customizably secured with velcro.

  • Completely handmade leather patches (cut, stamped, dyed and finished) and hand stitched (that was a pain with those pockets under the lid :sweat_smile:).

  • Matching zipper pulls with a machined stainless steel bead

  • Price: $50 USD including shipping from Canada. (To US or Canada - for International, get in touch and weโ€™ll figure out the difference :+1:).

Bear and Fox Armoury: My projects that combine various aesthetics of interest, including outdoor gear, leathercraft and metalwork. In the past, I also made the Bear Hug. This current project has been on and off the back burner for 4 years! I spent time testing various components and acquiring the tools and skills for hand-making the leather patches. Iโ€™m thrilled to finally share these with some fellow throwers.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or youโ€™d like to snag one of these awesome cases.


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Beautiful workmanship :slight_smile:


Update: 2 of each (Blue and Purple) left.

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Update: I have 1 blue and 2 purple cases left. Snag one before they are gone!

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Update, 1 of each left. :bear:

Last two are PENDING :sunglasses:

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All cases are sold! Thanks everyone, you have funded the purchase of two yoyos that I had been looking for that happened to come up for sale in the last two weeks. A Daytripper and an Alleycat 650b. :sunglasses: :raised_hands: