FS yoyo case *Traded*

[s]For sale:
yoyo case- 7 spots for throws, 4 CW spots, and a drop down compartment thing to hold string, bearings, axles, etc.
if you want I can cut/dye new foam and customize it how you want. (that’ll be extra though. this foam is like 10 bucks a piece. :/)

all 7 cuts are 2" diameter

  • $30 + shipping

White w/ white PGM
Big yo
sigma blade zwei
orange northstar

feel free to offer anything. I’m always lookin’ to try out some nice new throws. :slight_smile:

If this goes well, might make more[/s]

Traded :slight_smile:

i think i wanna buy the case with triangle foam how much for it

what do you mean by triangle foam?
like this?


my collection is rising so i need a case, i will trade a big yo for it

would you maybe do a big yo and some cash? or if you have like a cheap plastic to sweeten the deal?




not much market on cases, huh?