so, who wants to help me? Need some advice from some experienced people

so, what elements should I learn, so far, I have gotten:
behind back
behind head
around neck
around arm

I also need some help on how you guys can take a simple mount, like a 2-0, and turn it into some super complex trick.

Any tips on stage? Any way to avert the pressure?

haha kinda off topic but youre pretty experienced yourself, no?

sort of.

What’s the quote from General-Yo for?

Any backstory?

I could be completely wrong but it seems to me that the OP asked General-Yo to sponsor him, to which they replied (see quote in OP). I don’t want to post anything else here, I will probably get in trouble for being too mean.

Well, first of all, you shouldn’t aim your goal in yoyoing to getting sponsored. It’s hard, and pretty unlikely for most people.

Don’t try to go for every single element. Create your own, original, unique style. And don’t try to come up with a completely amazing trick right now. Work your way up; it’s going to take time. I just made up a new trick that I truly feel is decent. It’s probably the only trick in my arsenal right now I think is “good.” Work towards that.

Also, stay in school, and don’t do drugs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t consider myself experienced, but heres my 0.02. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about getting sponsored. Just yoyo for the joy of throwing. If you do that, then maybe a company will be interested in you. As for making a “super complex trick” just be creative. Now if your like me and not very creative, just keep trying. Hit a string you have never hit before, underpass, whip the slack, pop the yoyo up, just do something and you will find something new. Practice, Practice, and more Practice. :slight_smile:

Pretty Much what samad said. Wait after throwing for like 1.5 years then aim for sponsering. But, it’s hard i guess. Just Make tricks and go to contests and have fun. Throwing = fun. Not throwing= sponsering.

Also Don’t do drugs :stuck_out_tongue:

What Samad said. Also, sponsoree’s tend to not really need help making up tricks.

i actually am looking for a list of elements to choose from, for example, i’d get inta a trapese, throw the slack over, hop the yoyo into the slack and carry away from there, sort of like pulling elements out of a hat really,

as for the backstory, went like this:
boy had a dream,
boy asked if he could help out with general yo
boy was told to give his best at a contest and they would go on from there
boy went on to forum
boy posted
I know the company comes to you, however, I dont go anywhere near cali, so I had no chance of ever going to a general yo sponsored contest. The competition is about 7-8 months away, nearing a years worth of experience. :wink:

darn ambiguous posts…

Don’t aim for sponsorship. Thats just silly. Look what happened to djjjyo.

what happened to djjjyo?

Djjjyo was brought on to the DTI Crew without much backround or thought put into the process. He acted immaturly on the team and was removed. He proceeded to slam DTI, talking about how bad we are and how we are all scammers- and how there’s a spot waiting for him on General-Yo’s team. The ironic part is that he’s been harrassing Mike and me about getting back on the team.

In short, don’t ever get sponsored.


It hurts and then you die.

That is all.

High-five for a painful death? :smiley:

Five stars for a painful death.

Actually, I change that. Don’t get sponsored by a company you don’t love.

I lvoe DTI, and am still kickin’

Nice save, LOL!

PERFECT explaination. Sponsorship takes a lot of heart when you finally decide who you want to go after. It isnt just a decision you up and make, and it isnt for everyone. Just let it be a toy until someone tells you that it should be your job.

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But… it’s not my job.