So what does "smooth" mean?

I know that this is a really noob question, but I was curious what you guys had to say. It seems like people use smooth as just generally good. I was wondering if I could get a more exact meaning.

Here is how I see smooth.
Smooth means vibeless. Vibe is short for vibration, so it does no wobble or shake when it is spinning. If a yoyo is smooth, it shows that it is a quality and a good yoyo. Its kind of like a standard.

So smooth is just kind of good quality

The opposite of smooth is vibe.

Yoyo’s can be very good quality and still have vibe. In fact, no matter how smooth a yoyo is, there is still a microscopic vibe present.

Vibe doesn’t matter really unless you’re a grinding fanatic or are OCD. The only time it matters is when it actually affects play because it’s so wobbly.


Be less worried about how ‘smooth’ your yoyo is, how smooth you are is far more important.

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it means the Yoyo vibrates very little.

Smooth to me is when I cannot feel vibration if I hold a spinning yoyo against my skin or fingernail.

it’s a yoyo. I mean yoyos.

Smooth Move is so good…

Looking at that soda blasted nickel…

Smooth tricks? Aaron Davis shows up in the dictionary. ;D

Not quite reality, sadly.

Smooth does not mean vibe less. Smooth generally means minimal vibe that has little if any effect on Yoyo performance potential.

Very few yoyos have Zero vibe. And it is not isolated to a certain model. People used to say ‘Oxy Smooth’ several years ago. It was kinda like a Benchmark. Yet, it wasn’t that Oxy yoyos were perfectly Smooth… It was more that they were smoother than most other yoyos at the time. I have an Oxy 3 and an Oxy 4 and an H2O << they All have various amounts of ‘vibe’.

And, I have 2 Oxy Hyperions. They both have vibe. I have 2 Ti Walkers. They both have vibe. I have a YYR Dazzler that has a small degree of vibe.

Also, a Yoyo not Vibing, does not necessarily mean it is a quality and good Yoyo. A Yoyo can spin smooth as butter and play Horribly.

So, realistically; yoyos with minimal vibe to the miracle no vibe yoyos; are smooth. And the yoyos that have more vibe than you like; are vibey yoyos.

You can go to a major Yoyo contest and blend in to a discussion about yoyos with a Dozen high level Yoyo players and in the Realm of probability; even if the conversation was ’ only about yoyos’; you will hear NOBODY even mention the word ‘Vibe’.

Vibe is more of a Quality control production aspect. But seldom has any real impact on what people throw for fun or for Titles.

Vibe is more of a preoccupation of less experienced players who focus on vibey yoyos as defective.

Generally, the more you pay for a Yoyo; the less vibe ‘you’ feel is acceptable. I understand that.

But the people that actually get Perfectly, Totally Smoooooooth yoyos in the Mail are in the minority.

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Not rough

Smooth means that I have not knocked the yoyo against the table yet.

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