Hey guys, I’ve been here for a while (maybe 9 month since I join) and there is something that confuse me. What is smoothness? Is ti when the yoyo is not vibey? and how to make the yoyo smoother?

Yes, smoothness is pretty much lack of vibe. The more smooth it is the less you can actually FEEL the yoyo spinning. To smooth out a yoyo you can adjust the axle(assuming its not a fixed axle) or clean the bearing if it’s been a while. Sometimes it just takes a few dings haha i’m sure there are guys here that have it down to a science though lol

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What really has a large influence on smoothness is your throw. Practice throwing so that the yoyo hits the end of the string softly and you’ll get less vibe.

A straight throw also helps as well…I still often get ‘goofed’ throws that initially come out vibey…after doing a couple somersaults or straightening the yoyo on a trapeze, the vibes are usually gone…or if you do some kind of grind that works too.