How to get a really smooth throw?

So I’ve been playing with yoyos on and off for a couple years, and I still get vibe a lot of the time when I throw. I’ve been doing some research today into the issue and it looks like the problem is me. I haven’t been able to find any help on how to throw a yoyo smoothly. I play my yoyos with a counterweight. How do I? Can any of you offer tips or tricks as to how to do this? Thank you!!!

Really it just comes down to practice. It takes years to get down a really solid throw, and everyone is constantly improving.

Just keep at it, you’ll get better.

Could the issue be my bind? I don’t feel like it’s my throw being better or worse. And why is my throw with my oxy 5 dead smooth every time, and with all other yoyos vibey most of the time if my throw is bad?

If the throw releases without a snag, your bind was fine. Your bind can’t induce vibe.

Couldn’t even guess why the Oxy is throwing dead smooth and no other yoyos are. There’s just something about it that’s causing you to throw differently or it’s interacting in a way that’s more forgiving of your throw.

But it’s still gotta be one of two things:

  1. All your yoyos except the Oxy have significant vibe
  2. Like all of us, you are continuing to improve your throw and it’s producing vibe

There aren’t a lot of other options!

It’s easy to tell if it’s the yoyos: throw a nice hard and straight sleeper (forget breakaways for a moment, most people have more reliable sleepers). Touch your fingernail lightly against a rim for a few moments and it will cause the yoyo to “straighten out”. Still vibing? It’s your yoyo. Smooth? It’s your throw-- keep practicing!

The more comfortable the yoyo to hold usually the easier it is to throw smooth. I think this is why General Yo and Oxy got their reputation, not necessarily because they’re actually smoother, but just because they’re a lot easier to throw smooth. Whereas things like YYR and other performance yoyos tend to be a bit harder to throw smoothly.

I don’t really do a lot of 5A, mostly 1A. I am refining my break-away. Sometimes I hold the yoyo between my index and middle finger(not in my palm, but as if make a V, stick the yoyo in there) and then throw and I find I usually get very smooth throws. The yoyo seems to release naturally. I think my improper alignment of my hand/wrist/fingers on break-ways is what usually gives me throws that are a bit off, but tends to smooth out within a few seconds of play.

But, other than that, the general advice to practice is really the way to go. Combine that with a yoyo that’s really compatible with you and you’ve got a winning combination. Don’t get frustrated. If you are able to play, that’s more critical for now. In time, things will improve in all aspects, which includes a smoother, straighter and stronger throw, better accuracy(string into the gap) and more. It just takes time.

I beg to differ. Even if the if the unwind during the throw is smooth and snag free, the unwrapping of the string can induce vibe in almost any yoyo. The manner in which the string unwraps and the components of torque applied to the yoyo while unwinding are a direct result of the bind and the manner in which the string was wound up as part of the bind.


Yeah I’ve been wondering if I should replace the response systems to try and get better binds. I own a lot of oxys too, and the 5 is the only one that is dead smooth. Is there anyone else who are finding oxys to be dead smooth? And which ones?

Maybe the Oxy5 is a perfect fit for you?
I’ve been throwing the Io lately. I like it, but I like a lot of other stuff better. Nothing wrong with the yoyo, just preferences.

I stand corrected, dirtybird!

Still, if his Oxy throw is smooth and he’s a relatively experienced yoyoer, I doubt that it’s the bind every single time.

But I’ll stand corrected. :wink:

First off, Oxy’s have a reputation for being extremely smooth, though I’ve never played one. You don’t say what your other yoyos are. I’ve found my Dif-e-yos, SPYYs, HSPINs and Anti-Yos to all be very smooth, virtually vibe free. That said, a little vibe is a fairly normal thing and I don’t find it a problem in the rest of my yoyos. Note that there is a difference between vibe and wobble, which is a problem.