so what do you think about andre trying out for Wipeout?


;D ;
I think it would be a great idea. he would represent the whole yo-yoing community on the big balls

(WildCat23) #2

Yeah, he should.


The problem is, convicing him to do it.

(WildCat23) #4

Well, if everyone want’s him to, he might…


I sure hope you’re right. I reeeealy wanna see him on those big balls.


that would be the best thing ever! he seems so calm, i wonder what his reaction would be when he slips or gets hit…

(WildCat23) #7

He’d probably make it too. They’re looking for unique people. Yoyo master fits that category IMO.


If I remember correctly they had someone who could yo-yo on the show already. Except he could only do cold fusion or something…but this is a great idea!!


Andre… Please respond to this post!!

It would be pretty cool…


I think Wipeout should have a YYE Show Premiere where all the Forum eXperts and Admins go and compete.

(WildCat23) #11

That would be cool, but its not going to happen.


You should make that show.


try posting this idea to facebook! i sure will! (on his page)

(DOGS) #14

I read the title and thought that André had actually tried out, and you were asking for our thoughts regarding such. I’m disappointed by what this thread actually contains.

Ah well.


That would be the best thing EVER!!! I would love to see my favorite yo-yo guy on Wipeout!!


everytime I see someone talk about wipeout, it makes me wish there was more seasons of mxc. :frowning:


i sent him a PM about this!


Oh god no!!!


I’m 14 -_-.


(WildCat23) #20

Yeah, not all of them are young…