Check out my Twitter...why? It's YYE related.

Something big is coming this weekend to YYE…

What is it? Who knows…

Check my Twitter and YYEs Twitter to stay upi to date and what all the hulla ba loo is about…

Stay up to date.

Stay in Tune.

Stay with X.


Yes!!! Fun weekend ahead!!! :slight_smile:

I’m awaiting :smiley:

wow, im waiting too ;D


Hmmm… Andre interview?

I think eXperts should get a sneek peak…Wait…I think we did :wink:

Update coming tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Folks, all I’m going to say is that tomorrow is going to bring some awesome stuff. I’ve seen a small slice of said awesome, so I can speak with confidence.

Tomorrow, things get just that much better around here. ;D

I’m loving it André!

I think you guys should be banned… for not telling me!!!


Can’t wait! Haven’t been on YYE cuz of MN states yesterday and all but happy to be back!

Give a hint ;D ;D ;D

No fair! It’s today now. We want to see.

Its May 4th I think