Flying V just hit YYE!!!

Yeah, it looks great!

I think we should really start letting André do the announcements. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, awesome though!

It’s too exciting to let André do it! It just takes too long! Gm user has faster fingers.

Eh…neither him or New Releases were on.

I could delete it though, tell me if you want me to


Another great release from SPYY!

If you say YYE like “Y Y E” (instead of saying yoyo expert) the title rhymes. ;D

Narrow, but looks good.

I say letters, I never actually say Caribou Lodge, but I say C L Y W

Same here. So yeah, it rhymes. “Flying V just his YYE” ;D

yay! hope you guys dig it like i do.

andre if you read this, you can’t actually access the v from this page:
(you get the pure)… just sayin’. :wink:

Looks awesome Ed.

You have mad skills by the way.

He is not on enough to make the announcements, and probably has too much things on his hands to let us forum addicted people know about a new yo-yo. And you can just view it on the home page.