Dear Yoyoexpert.....


Can we please get a freestyle video of Andre an the staff? I don’t think there has been an Andre video in a really long time so a video of him freestyling would be amazing, plus anyone else who works at the shop who would want to join in.


I second this.

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(André Boulay) #5


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does this mean he agrees or he is hiding something incredibly dope…


In all of the newest pics of him he looks B.A.


I would definitely like to see something like that :wink:


This is true, I really want to see a freestyle from André


Fantastic idea. Between the addition of Garrett and Andre getting his own account, the YYE staff have really been engaging with us a lot recently, which is fantastic. I expressed a similar desire as yourself recently:,81730.0.html

So I’m definitely looking forward to whatever Andre seems to have up his sleeve.  ;D


I’d like to see this too. Garrett definitely needs to get in on it as well.


This would be cool to see.


André may have challenged Eric to a yo-yo battle after seeing this thread… and he may or may not have accepted… Not saying that’s going to happen but some ideas might be being tossed around. :wink:

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oooh yeah


I really want to see the resulting video from this thread, epicness is pretty guaranteed


So here’s what I’m thinking…kinda like a crosscut challenge.

So they start wih a 1A battle.

Then 2A.

I think you all see where this is going. Basically, a battle in each of the disciplines (including fixed axle). Winner takes all.

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Even i m thinking this idea saw your post add to it with 4a now second this.




Yep, that’s what I meant. 0A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A.

The most epic yoyo battle of all time.

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