Let me just say Andre Boulay is AMAZING!!

But we already knew that… :wink:

He’s my favorite! Exhibiting the “power of side burns and Dark Magic!”

It’s over 9000!

That snap to gyro flop restart was pretty crazy.

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He keeps binding the wrong way… That snap to gyro was insane though.

Yup, drives me crazy lol, but I guess that’s sloppy hybrid response for you.

I’m not sure it if necessarily was bad response, but rather the old form of response that they used to use. Because all of his tutorials on YYE involves him binding the opposite way, and I’m guessing that might be because of the hybrid response found in the DM1?

Haha. You have to give me some slack. :wink:

That was before we knew any better!

Thanks for the kind words!


what we all want to see though is what can he do now…

We have seen it. :slight_smile: There have been a few recent videos. Plus anyone who visits YYE HQ knows that Andre is practically always playing a yoyo. It seems as though his main “idle” trick is running through insane figure-8 variations with crazy direction changes ‘n’ stuff.

When I say “idle” trick, I mean the kind of trick that you just sort of casually throw while you’re talking to somebody and which isn’t absorbing your entire concentration.

Meanwhile, I can’t even do a standard figure-8. Haha!

Arm Grind to slack whips are pretty friggen cool. Gotta learn that next. Would love to see more Modern Andre Play.

Yes we did


Now thats something I wanna see

André you should make a video of that.

And yes I did the fancy E thing now that I know how to do it Alt 130 is awesome é

Didn’t Eric challenge Andre to a yoyo battle? Or the other way around…

Wait you can visit YYE HQ? Or did I misread that?

Yeah they had an idea to film a video or something a little while ago. They’re both very busy though so not sure exactly when they will have the time to do something like that.

Yes you can! If you’re ever in the western mass area feel free to stop by. Just give us a call first and make sure someone will be here to help you out.

Thanks! I live in Canada so it is unlikely but if I am in the area I’ll be sure to call and stop by.

I’ve been 3 times now! Of course I have other friends (yoyo friends!) in the area to visit at the same time, but it can be done! I’m in Ottawa. Where you at? Have we had the Canuckia conversation before?

Re: André, this wasn’t so long ago. Some of the figure-8 variations I mentioned are in here:


Those midair direction changes :o

What contest was that?