Andre in a yoyo video


I thought that it would be fun to see Andre Bouley in a yo-yo video using the Dark Magic and the Legacy. Does anyone want ot see this?


I would like to see this too  ;D
Here is a video of Andre using a legacy


I know of that video.


Idk, André is probably just busy, with the site, and I think he is at college to, and his wife :wink: jk, lolz.

But yeah, it would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Have Fun Throwing!


(Connor) #5

I’d love to see a video of Andre at his very best. Just get him to do his ABSOLUTE BEST routine/performance! That would be awesome!


here is a vid of him competing in 04.


I mean a new video with him in it.


oh yah! he has loads of time between being at whatever college samad was talking about (citation needed), going to competitions, being captian of team yyj, finding time with his wife, and running his site!
Hear this Andre? MAKE A NEW VID.

C’mon it would be cool!

What no? Why would you say that?

Oh your busy… okay…sorry.


Ya Andre’ is at college. I hope I can become as good as him one day :-\

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #10

Here are some videos

Hes in here.  They have Johny in here also,  but they do have Andre in here.

He was on the News too!



what i’m talking about is a recentvideo with him using both the Legacy and the Dark Magic.


Yeah, those videos are way too old. If you look at the topic, its pretty sure that he was talking about a new video.