andre boulay freestyle 2002

im sure some of you guys have seen this video (i do not take credit for this, not my video)
just thought i would share the video! its pretty darn cool to see andre when he was still competing!

hahaha i love his outfit and the music

You’ve gotta love the shades.  8)

Here’s another one of his freestyles. It may not be the best, but it’s definantly one of my favorite freestyles of all time.

I love these videos!

My favorite thrower!

Everybody needs to see this!

Go check out the Dark Magic promo vid.

This probably takes him down memory lane…

These videos need to be on the YYE homepage.


man, I forgot how awesome andre really was. Those thumb grinds are pretty sweet

André loves his grinds:P

I know right? I watched it and I was like, “well this I’d intense…”

I think it’s easy to forget just how hard players were pushing it ten years ago when we are part of a community with such a high turnover rate and a huge spotlight on the next best thing.

any else find any other contest videos of Andre? I find it hard to find anything (that isn’t posted in this thread) other than the ExpertVillage videos.

that’s the only other one I could find besides the YYJ team training video and a TON of expertvillage tuts :slight_smile:

Watching this is like watching the old Bones Brigade videos.

I wish they had a “retire competition” where all the retired players could compete and only retired players could compete. It’d be pretty cool to see André and JD back up on stage.

that’d be sick

Yeah those were 2 great players who really help jump start yoyoing to what it is now in my opinion

I have found 5 the 2 tournament ones the dark magic promo the team yyj video and there performance at the smithsonian Museum forgive me if I spelled that wrong

Got links?