Andre, could you freestyle for us?

Others and I would LOVE to see the former national champion put together a freestyle, about 3 mins long. I asked you at calstates to try and compete once for fun (which i know wont happen lol) so could we at least see you freestyle? It would be AWESOME to see a video of a freestyle as the best one is some outdated video from 2002.



YESSS! the quality on that video is horrid…

You gave me the idea to put this thread up :wink:


You should do it at Ohio States! Not because that’s the only contest I can go to or anything…

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It’s been years since his initial tutorials. He must be a warlock now

I overheard him say something to someone at Cal States about making more videos…

That would be awesome:D

I think it would be cool at at least see some new tutorials. however it would be awesome to see a freestyle.

He told me at Indy states last year that they were working on new tutorials.

I hope this is true.


I really hope that they are working on new tutorials because there are so many more that they can cover (not to say the current ones aren’t good, they are great)

a freestyle would be the cherry on top…


I would love to see Andre compete. And at worlds I heard more tutorials might be coming but, not with Andre teaching them rather a new generation style player

Great idea. Would be cool to see new vids, or even update the old vids. Maybe some hi def?

yeah. Andre is a great teacher. I hope he ditches Expertvilage for the new ones.

Here is a video Jrod did in the fall of 2011 at A2Z at about 3.5 mins in you will all be in your glory!!

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Andre is reading this. I hope he can step in and give us an official word.


I’d actually guess that he reads very few threads on the forum! But maybe someone will give him the heads-up and he’ll be inspired to throw a video out there. :wink: