Andre Boulay, New yoyos, old videos....

So YYJ has relesed like three or four signature yoyos for Andre Boulay and only one promo video with him actually in it (the DM video)… Whats up with that, you would think with the new Hex out there would be a video of him completley shredding with that thing… Unless I am neglecting to see the videos… Anyone else notice this??

I heard they try to make videos… but his awesomness doesn’t render when they go to edit the vids.

That would be pretty awesome. :smiley:

Ha! Well if the cam can capture Riccardo Fraolini awesomness then surely it should capture Andres…

lower quality camera
less capacity for awesome

Maybe every time they try recording a video, they stop recording and just watch the awesomeness. 8)

the memory in the camrea is never big enough to capture his awesomeness

I get upset when there is no release video for a new yo-yo.

Exactly! especially someone like Andre!

I just really wanna see a new Andre video.

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Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because there’s no new Andre video…

Andre doesnt have a lot of videos of him yoyoing. Anyone know why? Has there even been one this year yet? I didnt see one from last year either :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats kindof why I made this thread…

It is like when a Kung-Fu master’s power gets high enough his hair turns white. André has gotten so advanced his throwing can’t be captured even by modern video techniques.

He has a similar effect to cameras that the Slenderman does. The second he picks up a yoyo the screens start fuzzing up and short circuiting. :confused:

somewhere andre is watching this thread and makeing a video for your guys.
i hope.

There is not current technology that can capture Andre when he does his thing.

Andre Boulay, the Chuck Norris of the yoyo world.

Screw cuts for Bieber! Cuts for Boulay are in! ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad! but contact aliens they have the power! Contact poloroid I havent heard anything about them in years maybe they are creating technology secretly that has the power!