Signed Andre Boulay Card/Unboxing YoyoJam Video

Last week, I contacted YYE customer service and asked which yoyos they would recommend for me at my level.  I was looking for yoyos that are still responsive out of the box, but not real cheap ones, over $40.  They wrote back recommending several yoyos that would fit the description.  After I made the purchase of 5 yoyos recommended (SR-71, X-con, Speeder 2, Hitman, Cerberus) in addition to a few more I wanted anyway (kickside, Mini Motrix), I recontacted customer service thanking them for the help.  That’s when I realized that I was corresponding with Andre Boulay himself.  I asked him to sign a trading card for me (like a groupie, so what)…and he did.  He’s a perfect gentleman.  I got one of those notices from the post office a few days later, that I missed the package as a signature was required (Ugh…it was like going to sleep on Xmas eve lol), so I picked up the package today instead.  I opened it after work, and it was late when I filmed…close to midnight, so sorry for the silent video.  I didn’t get a change to showcase all the yoyos, but you’ll get the gist.  I got a lot of the trading cards I needed too…including 2 Champion Edition cards.  This was taken quickly with my ipod touch, but I haven’t gotten the chance to throw any of these yet…

Thanks again Andre!

Lucky :wink: :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:

Yes…I want to ask him to sign a Trinity for me soon. I’d never throw that one, just keep it in my collection. I’d ask him to pick the color too…that would be cool. I will buy a bunch more soon. Thanks for commenting.

Update…by the way, my favorite of the bunch in the video is the SR-71…with the Cerberus as a close second. I just like the size of the SR-71, but they both play great. Also, I bought that Trinity, and Andre signed for me…I already posted that video for you.

Wait, so I’m talking to Andre Boulay when I email YYE at


I wonder if it’s still him when he has to fly overseas to judge a competition or something. I bet he has someone fill in when he gets too busy. But, it’s really cool to know that he’s there answering questions directly a lot.

Well, it’s an email, so, if he’s overseas, he can still access it. It would just be at a really irregular time since he’s overseas.
I don’t know about you, but I would find it hilarious if he responded at what is 2AM in the morning where I live.

Lol…I was more referring to not only the email contact, but getting stuff out in the mail and other aspects of running a business that require lots of time…

There’s always his wife, and there’s also Daniel Dietz:

Sounds really cool…

Uh huh.