andre boulay

hey i just recently got a signed 2011 andre boulay card how much is it worth

$3? Haha, its really not worth much. At the end of the day, its still just a card and its still just a yoyoer.

You’ll learn pretty quick around here that signatures from “famous” yoyoers don’t add much value, if any at all. Especially on a card. Sorry to disappoint!

0.50$ plus shipping?


In many, many years from now when Andre Boulay dies (no offense Andre), and almost nobody has 2011 YYE cards anymore, then it might be worth a lot.

I’m not an autograph hound. I do have a 2011 Andre from a card trade. It’s more the fact it’s signed than anything else for me.

Value? Not much really. He’s a yoyo celeb, not a mainstream celebrity or a “true” sports celebrity. Keep it and enjoy it is what I say.

lol no.

Depends on what you make of it. How much is it worth to you?

I always enjoy people trying to value “gifts” just enjoy them.

It is worth the love of your heart.


I’ll trade you a MIB Chief for it. Only thing is you have to ship first as my mum says she won’t take me to the post office till she sees the card in person.

You have got to be kidding me. Andre is a cool guy and amazing at yoyo but I don’t know about this offer. Maybe if it was a signed hundred dollar bill it would be closer to realistic. Once again I state, enjoy it.

That card is worth as much as it means to you, but certainly not a Chief.

That card is worth a ton in more ways than one. I have one too, and it would never be for sale or trade. I keep it in a top loader so it won’t bend or get damaged. I think someday soon, yo-yoing will get the respect it deserves from the masses, and it will happen, in part, due to Andre’s influence. When that happens, the monetary value will skyrocket. You have a signature of a future Grand Master…hold onto it for life. In terms of signed yo-yo stuff, I put his Signature at the top of the value scale.

Not even when yo-yoing goes mainstream?

Haha, it’s as mainstream as it’s ever gonna get. You guys are seriously crazy if you think it will ever be worth anything. Modern signed football and baseball cards of players who millions and millions of people know are barely even worth money and you guys really think a random card of some random yoyo player who know one even knows of will ever be worth more than a $1? Ah to be young again.

Well…crazy I am then. Original poster PM me and I’ll send you $100 for that card today. As of today…his card is worth at least $100, cause I just offered it. Nothing random about Mr. Boulay.

Unless you actually send him 100, it’s still worthless.

I have a Tom Smothers signed Hummingbird. The yoyo without the signature costs about $5.00. What did I spend for the yo with the signature? Yep, you guessed it five bucks. Signatures in the yoyo world aren’t worth a lot of money at this time. However, that just means the value isn’t monetary.

There is always the chance that someone will want it badly enough to pay a bundle for it, but that’s not why I own it. :wink:

Not. I put in a bid for the card on a forum in a context publicly…how do I back out? $100 Paypal for the card…period. Try me.

Do it.