A big thanks to Andre and Daniel Dietz

I just want to give a great big thanks to Andre and Daniel Dietz for the awesome autographed cards in my latest order. Its things like that that make this site the best in the business. Thanks a bunch guys!!!

You gotta love the YYE customer service

Ive been wondering about those. I ordered like over $200 dollars when I got my burning ember code 2. When I got my package in the mail it was just the stuff and a yoyo expert sticker for the stick it contest. But everone else gets these players cards or other things as a thank you. This was my first time ordering from yoyo expert but my opinion is that the customer service was not what everyone else gets. Not really wanting to complain, just happy I got the code 2 in the style I wanted it. And delivery time was ok. If you order on Thursday nights and pay for the 2 day, it will get to you on Monday because of the weekend. So 2 day becomes 4 day. Just sayin.

I very kindly asked and in all honesty, didn’t expect it. But when I opened up the package and saw the cards, I couldn’t believe it. :o

You know, to most people, these guys are just ordinary people. But to those of us in the yoyo community, or at least me anyway, they are super stars! I know those cards may never be worth anything in a monetary sense, but just the fact that Andre and Daniel took the time to sign them and send them to me puts a value on them no money can buy. Back when I was doing comic books and comic con shows, there were many times when after the show, we’d all go hang out in the lounge or bars that were close by. It was the same thing - sitting down and hanging out with some of these people, who are famous in my eyes, was incredible. Sure it wasn’t Johnny Depp or Matt Smith or someone like that, but it was still cool.

Some day, I’d like to meet Andre and Daniel, along with a long list of others that are around here, maybe even have beer with them or something. But until then, these cards are as close as I can get.
So thanks again guys, I truly appriciate it!

One time when I was sending back some response stickers. Sort of like a trade. I sent some cards too.

Daniel and Andre signed them.

I am so happy.

I just got two more of Andre’s.

Trading one with Studio42.

I need to finish my collection.

Best customer service…I even got a free koncave and string becuase I ordered an item that was out of stock…

I like this post, because I agree. I was fortunate to have both those guys sign throws for me when I asked. I bought a Trinity, and Andre was nice enough to sign, and pick the color of it too. It was a nice surprise to see what color he chose to sign. I acted like a total groupie when it came in the mail, but it’s all good. They are both perfect gentlemen, very down to earth and humble about their talents. I keep my signed Andre card in a top loader, in a safe place, and I’ll never throw that Trinity. I have to buy a second one now lol. Dan signed my nickel Dietz at NER…that was cool!

That is awesome…my son is dying for a Dietz trading card!
You may have to wait a few years to have a beer with Daniel lol…

Doctor, i’m pretty big on comics also, just wondering who you got to hang out with? I’ve always wanted to hang with Paul Dini or the legendary Alan Moore… although he may be a bit creepy :stuck_out_tongue:

And in response to the topic at hand, I agree YYE customer service is great. Super prompt, accurate descriptions of products… everything is straight forward and easy. And honestly, once I found out about Andre’s affiliation with YYE it made me even more supportive of the site. I owe every trick I know to him so the least I can do is buy from his store lol

I wonder if it will work if,when you order, if you put in the special instructions to get an andre boulay card signed . . .

Always feel free to ask, etc. We will do what we can!

In relation to Ghost8982 - We are actually in a transition period as the 2011 series of cards has ended and the 2012 series of cards will be released this summer. Sorry about that! But shoot us an email with your name and order number and we can drop some signed cards in the mail! :slight_smile:

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