Another YoYoExpert Amazing Customer Service Story


On May 4th I went to the YoYoExpert store and decided to pick up a 3yo3 Al5. I was amazed at its shape and price so I snagged one of the last ones. On monday while waiting for my tracking email I asked…

“If this isn’t shipped yet, could you guys do me a favor? Could you
have andre sign the glass jar for the al5? :)”

They replied…

“No problem. We will have him sign that for you and ship it out for you today. You should be getting a separate email later today with a tracking number.”

I was so happy and exited for my signed glass jar… Then the package came… I not only found a signed glass jar but an Andre signed trading card! I couldn’t believe it. The customer service here is the best of any online store HANDS DOWN! YoYoExpert really likes to please their customers. Now I have an Al5, a signed glass jar that came with the Al5, a signed trading card, and everything else that came with my order! How can my day get any better? Thanks again guys!


I am always happy to do business with YoyoExpert! They are always so amazing


Here is mine- So, my Severe was acting up, so I sent it back to YYE to get it fixed. When it was there, I sent an email to them to see if I could get the Severe signed by Andre, but it was already shipped back. However, they offered to send me a signed Andre card, so it was all good at the end.

I love YYE ;D



I had him personally sign a trading card and my little bro’s DM2. I got a lot of people to sign my cards at PNWR. I think I actually got every card signed by the people that were there.


I always love reading these stories. You can’t really beat them in customer service. They really care about everyone who they send something to and who goes on this website. I’ve yet to see one place that even comes close to how good they are here at YYE. :smiley:


We shouldn’t boast but HANDS DOWN! YYE is the best. Man, they will do almost anything for you! Literally!


I had Andre sign my bag when I bought it :slight_smile: nice big signature on my bag now !


I know, I’m 12. But I can’t stop laughing at ^^. Tears coming down my cheeks!


i never had a signed anything but i remember 3 years ago i got a call from andre telling me that a colorway for a yoyo i wanted was not available :frowning: and then he told me that he had two limited edition colorways for the yoyo that he never sold and he let me choose one of those!

i was like aaaaah

i love yye