to the players on the YYE trading cards can you help me?

first off mods if this is in the wrong place please move to the correct spot and i apologize if it is in the wrong spot.

here’s a long shot, but i’m trying to put together a signed YYE trading card set are there any players on those cards in this group that would be willing to sign my cards? if so please pm me and we can work out arrangements. id appreciate it since i cannot make it out to events and contests this is really my only way to gather signatures.

thanks for any help or if you’re reading this and might have some signed cards that you’d be willing to let go of please let me know.

I have 3 andre cards. Want one?

Wow, a signed set will be tough. You might want to PM each player whose name appears, in black, as a “professional” who also has a card in the set. They might give you an address where to send a card, or take your address where they can send you one of theirs. It will be tough getting the rest without seeing them in person. It would be cool if you could pull it off. :slight_smile:

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wow i didnt know that is what the black meant, i just figured out the blue is moderator, hmm so much to learn…

id like to pull off a set but i am not sure i will, but id like to try as i have a lot of respect for these guys and girls that are out there doing it and became pros and got honored with a card from YYE and i look forward to the ones being added for the 2014 line up :slight_smile: .

Alex Rees is on here
As well as Paul dang that’s a start…

I’ve seen some people pop in here now and then, but not many sponsored players seem to be regulars on the forum. Miguel Correa seemed to be logged in yesterday for a bit. Did you complete the set already?

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Sure. Send me an address.

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If you dont already have gentry, come to bird in hand and buy a shutter. You get a signed card of him.

I know, you might not live in California but it’s another reason to come to nats :wink:

So far, I don’t have a ton of signed cards, and not all of them are from the current series. I have the following signed cards, from what I remember:

2 Mark Montgomery from last series (came with 2 sodablasted MMNs;
3 Andre Boulay, one from each series (I see Andre, so it was easy to have them signed);
Eric Koloski from the first series (came in a BST deal);
Jeff Coons (a Duncan card not YYE, came in a BST deal with him, thanks Jeff);
Zammy, this series but not signed for me…given to me by a friend.
Ann Connolly,from second series, signed at M.A. states 2012;
Gentry Stein, recently free with new Shutter;
Sebastian Brock, (I might have two he gave me in a BST deal with him, thanks Sebby).
Ooch (signed at NER this year)
Chuck Short, signed for me and mailed…he’s the homie 8)

I think that sums up the cards. :-\

I have a few signed yo-yos too, which is pretty cool. :slight_smile:

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i cant really do that, there things i just cannot do and that’s one for various reasons, i will track down a way to pick up the ones i dont have, some will be tough, but i believe where there’s a will there’s a way and i am actively seeking the way.

on a side note i am overwhelmed with the compassion of the members here and i want to thank everyone that has offered cards, that hands down is amazing so if you were one of the awesome people to offer i’d like to say thank you and i dont know if it would be ok with you guys, but i’d like to setup a thank you in the first post to thank and publicly acknowledge those that have helped me along the way. (if you dont want your name on that list let me know and i wont include it).

so again thank you all for the cards and suggestion this makes me happy and i promise i will pay it forward somehow someway!

Let me know if you are interested in just current series cards, or older ones too. :slight_smile:

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i still have need for some of the current series no doubt there isnt a ton of cards that i need but i just cannot seem to fill those gaps.

here what i need for a 2013 regular series.


here is the thread i posted up for cards i have if anyone has any 2013 needs i have a bunch of spares and would gladly help out to fill those holes :slight_smile:,67154.0.html

that is impressive there TotalArtist! i am slightly jealous hehe.

Zammy reached out to me on Facebook and offered to hook me up, quite a nice guy!
also Paul Dang offered as well and ive have some others come forward and offer to send some cards signed as well thanks to all you guys and hopefully girls that will help me arrive at my destination!

Thanks I’m working my way there but I’ve got a ways to go. Hehe

Bump, help an old fart like me fulfill two dreams 1. Finish my 2013 2. Get a signed 2013 card collection.

If you need 2013’s respond to my PM along with the other question…

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I’m having a horrible day and well you just made it a ton better! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: (: (: smiling never felt so good in such a bad day!

Hahaha!!! Your welcome! I hope your super happy :slight_smile:

If your talking about me lol… :wink:

Yeah dude your offering in the pm made me feel great today has been wicked bad!