So this just happened

My professor of an 800 person gen ed just asked if there are any yoyo enthusiasts. She said we better start practicing since she’s going to have a yoyo contest on wednesday. I feel like it would be pretty funny to go up there and pull out a metal yoyo when she’s probably gonna hand out pro yos or something lol. That’s one way to get me to go to class.

They’re in for a surprise, i envy you lol

Cool beans

Lucky dogggg!!! Go kill it!!!

Just do boing-e-boing they’ll all be like :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Just to clarify, I didn’t get picked to go up there and show yoyo tricks, but she will probably pick some people to go up there and do a sleeping contest or something. She does weird little things like this every month or so. I’m definitely going to volunteer though :smiley:

get there early go to the back of the room bring out your shiniest yoyo you have and just sit back and do some easy/ cool looking tricks. Then when everyone notices just act like its nothing.

just throw it forward dude, teach them and enlighten them where they snag a nice new unresponsive yoyo themselves. i tought somee kids on my lil bro’s basketball team, me and him taught only 3 kids, and yesterday 2 of them bought themselves their own yoyo’s,its a great feeling to watch a kid love learning something,and whats not to love about throwing,just teach! w/e the age will be.

Ah lucky x_x
Do a brent stole. :3 they’ll be like :open_mouth:

Maybe she has some skills with the yoyo! :wink:

Just be that in the class that’s too giddy and will jump out of his seat if he’s picked then you’ll probably be picked.

Update: I woke up late and got to class after everyone had been picked. It was a sleeping contest witb proyos (at least I think) I didn’t know if it was a sleeping contest or see who can bounce it up and down the most lol. It was an entertaining start to class nonetheless. 10/10 will go to class again.



You had ONE JOB.

Nah jk but still quite a coincedence, I’ve only seen another person yoyo outside of yoyo related events once, and he was the first person I saw do tricks with one.

There is this guy who subbed at my school last year and he played 5a in class for the students, sadly I didn’t have him and haven’t been able to track him down lol