so there's this kid at school.......

Alright guys first off merry christmas! and second off there is this girl in my English class named Breanne, and she is always amazed by my yoyoing. So one days she asks me one day “hey can you give me some recommendations for beginner yoyos?” so i give her a list of some good beginner yoyos and good things to have as a beginner and go on my merry way.

so here is when it becomes interesting i get this email today and it says:

“Hey guess what I got for Christmas a yoyo factory velocity . Maybe when we get back to school I’ll bring my yoyo and maybe you can teach me some tricks”

so now i have a yoyo buddy at school i guess. ;D


That’s awesome!

Teach, teach, teach. We’ll take over the world one person at a time!

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a better mentor she could not have found and the Velocity is a good choice to start out with.

That’s great, Abby. We need more girls in the yoyo world.


Hit it with a rock… Wait no. This is a great story.

yeah i could have already told you that so i going to keep her interested. I don’t think it would be a problem though. She’s really into skill toys as i have seen with her hobby of cup stacking and pen spinning.

Wow, pen spinning has been around for a long time. Even when I went to high school in the 80’s. At least something decent came out of that decade besides long running jokes about big hair, ray-bans, acid washed jeans and pegged pants.

thats fresh, i kinda wish i was still in school or something to help influence more people around me about throwing, butt the peeps on the streets just watch XD not many questions,just eyeballs XD. but i have got my lil bro and best friend to start throwing thats good, like stated above, just keep teaching and keep her interested till she can spread her wings XD,and you guys can get another person to join. 8)

Banjo spins is suffering from Yoda syndrom…

its always fun getting a new person into the yoyo world

what happened to that girl that was going to give you a bunch of yoyos?

Abby, good fo you in helping this new yoyo’er. hopefully your comments and kindness to a newcomer
will inspire others to do the same and not just be annoyed…

awesome abby.


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Abby you are a great inspiration. I bet you will have more fun teaching than you could imagine.

I was curious as to this as well actually.

The kid broke her knee so she is still on crutches and I’m just going to wait on them because she has enough to carry as it is so I’m just giving her time to get better because i don’t want to cause extra work on her already. But she says she will get better some time in the middle of winter break so now its just a waiting game.

This is awesome your experience is what exactly happened, to get my friend into yoyoing. When I was in the 8th grade, I got my friend into yo-yoing. I started yo-yoing in the seventh grade. Now that I am in 10th grade I still yo-yo. I Don’t know if the same can be said for my friend since I haven’t spoke to him in a while. But hopefully he still throwing to this day:)

Awesome story, same thing happened to me a couple days ago at my retreat! A kid saw me throwing and asked me why the yoyo didn’t come back up when I tugged at it. I explained how unresponsive yoyos worked and sent him to this site. Hopefully he’s ordered his first yoyo by now! ;D