Proudest Cousin EVER!

I’d like you all to know I’m the proudest cousin ever! So my two little cousins couldn’t even make a yoyo spin at the beginning of this month but then I taught the 7 year Rock the Baby and she was doing it pretty good and easily! Yesterday she landed Trapeze and we were both very excited! Today…She landed Double or Nothing! You should have seen how crazy we were all going in excitement, now she is working on Brain Twister and can almost land it! And the other little cousin of mine is 6 and landed Trapeze! Nothing describes how happy I am! ;D

Good for you to teach your cousins, you are expanding the yoyo world! :smiley:
I remember when i taught me friend how to yoyo, now, he is on master tricks! I’m really proud ;D

Haha! thats an awesome story! ;D I recently got my girlfriends brother into yoyoing. Its awesome:)

I’ve been teaching my bro and my friends in my youth group. I taught two of them to bind.

I am trying to teach my 11 year old sister to yo-yo, its been a month and a week and she cant even do trapeze… I blame it on bad teaching… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got my whole school into yoyoing. brought a duncan butterfly to school in december, at the end of the school year every one was on at least intermediate yoyo tricks. And people called me the “yoyo doctor” and came to me with any yoyo problems, I taught tricks every day after school, and i was practicley a yoyo god to them.

Can you imagine if we all did this? We would have a lot more yo-yoers!!! ;D

I never see anyone around yoyoing but I’ve been thinking about posting on Craig’s List and other Local sites and try to start a YoYo Club, But I don’t want to go through all of the effort of getting a location for a yoyo Club and not have anyone Show up but me, lol. I would love to have a YoYo club here. dang I would of continues to yoyo when i was a kid if there where a yoyo club around.

Where do you live?

That’s awesome :smiley:
I’ve taught a few of my friends how to bind, but that’s about it. Oh, I’ve also used their finger to trapeze :stuck_out_tongue:

im pretty good at beginner tricks though.

posts as if she won’t see this

Yaa… O well…

You’ll get it soon enough.

Also who else thought that this was Jayyo? Man do avatars throw me off…

i also got most of my school into yoyoing, its an awseome felling!


I taught my little brother and he learned in about a week he’s also 12, my sisters 11 and can’t do it and your just amazing for teaching your cousins.

i got my whole grade into it but eventually everyone stopped except me i kept at it and now im not learning tricks im making tricks

im so happy i landed my first trapeze today ;D

Congratulations! C=