So I'm looking for a new yoyo...

Hey! I need a new throw. I have the Avalanche, dv888, protostar,and the popstar. I’m really liking my Avalanche right now. I’m still open to any recommendation. I think $180 should be my limit.

Any thoughts?

What’s your budget?


888, Yuuksta, Skyline, so many great undersized yoyos out there.

Get another avalanche, they have new colors!
Wait, never mind, don’t get it. You might buy the one I wanted.

The YYF Proton is great or if you want to go higher upmarket, the C3 Berserker is amazing (and the RX is apparently better but I’m yet to verify this).


It is. It spins longer
Can move at any speed
And is a tad more solid
But ALOT more stable

If you like the avalanche, a code 2 might be good. You can’t go wrong with a chief either.

Well the Avalanch is Big so Maybe a Genesis. I sure like mine.

I’d go with a Chief or a Cascade. The Chief is one of the best yoyos out there (according to everyone, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it). But if you like wider throws (like MEEEEE), I’d go with the Cascade. (again, NEVER tried it, but I’d love to. I love wide throws, and the Cascade looks epic)…

i have heard good things about the xcube stampede. it is EXTREMELY good at grinding.