So.. I'm gonna be Throwing on National Television....


anyway. I’m in a televised contest with other Skill Toy Hobbiest and Obscure Athletes. The show is gonna be judged by kids, and i was wondering which tricks i should consider doing.

i know i’m gonna do a Gyro Flop for sure and a couple tricks with a Mach Whip. I also think i might learn Leg Wrap Trap.

anyway, any other ideas??


Off topic, what show/channel/time? i want to see this

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really basic things, preferably a responsive yoyo.

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2A , 4A , 5A , Whips , Brent stole , himudasa , Boing - E Boing , under Boing - e Boing , Protrusion , A Combo , Some Braintwisterse , Rock the baby , Leg Wrap Trap , Mach 5 , Eli Hops.
Etc Etc Just the really flashy ones
try and do some styles.


It’s on YTV, it’s a Canadian network. not sure when it will be aired. next year sometime i think

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Damn no offense but thats pretty popular! Good luck man


if you know some 5a that would apeal to kids

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I highly recommend checking these out for inspiration.

Both performers do the sort of tricks that the general public will be amazed by.
Notice, lots of big movement, not just standing still yoyoing. Think big.

Good luck.



My school put me on their mini news network, but that is nothing compared to this.
Anyhow, whenever I do lots of whips and twirls kids think those are pretty cool.


i think Boing-E-Boing would be a good trick to do. every time i do it at my high school they are all really amazed by it (even though they’ve seen it so many times)

good luck ;D


YouTube Alexis jv tutorials, learn hipster whips


i’ve sadly never learned Boing-E-Boing or Eli Hops. I was never into learning other peoples tricks for some reason.

but, i am using my Epic. and anyone who has seen my videos with the Epic knows i’m damn good at catching and whipping with the stacks.

hopefully that’ll impress the judges


I was actually gonna make a thread for this asking for adults to try out, but never had the time/forgot. Hope you win!


Good Luck man!! learn some whippy slacky type tricks, that’ll wow them.


Watch the augie fash Jason tapes thing… It’s on the catalyst page I think


try ninja vanish if your good at whips ans slacks


Deffinently am doin the NV.


No ideas, just diving in late since I have been out of town.

I like your past videos, so all I can think is that whatever you’re going to do it’s gonna rock. Kick some butt and have a blast!


Do some basics at first, to get them into it, then boom! amaze them with eli hops, etc. My only suggestion is for you not to do anything that will make the audience think you have no life.


HAHAHAHA! i know exactly what you mean. i’m keeping it simple. I also do not know any of those types of tricks. I am not amazing by any means. :slight_smile: