So I met Dennis McBride...

For those of you that do not know, I go to a Seminary in Los Angeles, and this week, the local church is hosting a pastor’s conference. I was yoyoing during a break and an older gentleman approached me and said, “You are pretty good at that.” I said, “Thank you.” He asked me about competitions, and I told him about my attempt to compete this weekend at Sacramento. He said, “You went to Cal State?”

Most people do not know much about yoyos or competitions. Many of you have probably noticed that it does not take long to figure out if someone really knows much about yoyoing. I asked him, “Do you yoyo?” You could tell he was holding back a small chuckle. “Yes” he replied. I went for a handshake and introduced myself, “Hi. I am KC Wagenseller, and I am a student at the Seminary.” He politely extended his hand and said, “Dennis McBride. It’s nice to meet you.” We started talking about yoyos, ministry, faith, and how all of it can come together and work together. I thought it was neat to meet another minister who had the same passion for my seemingly uncommon hobby.

I felt as though I knew him from somewhere, and his name sounded familiar, but I could not figure it out. Finally a light bulb went on, “Are you Mr. McBride? As in McBride Roller Coaster?” He smiled really big and said, “That’s me.” I immediately responded, “It’s an honor and privilege to meet you sir!” We continued our conversation from there and exchanged contact information. All though it seems silly, meeting him was such a huge encouragement – both in my faith and in my hobby.

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that would be really cool to meet him

Dennis McBride: One of the National Grandmasters, the man who invented McBride Rollercoaster, a Yo-yo Legend. Didn’t think he lived in Cal.

That’s really great. Pretty much matches what I’ve heard about all of the name people in yoyoing.

What are the odds. That’s amazing to meet one of the Grandmasters at an unexpected place. :smiley:

BTW - did he demo the roller coaster?

Met Dennis at worlds. Heck of a guy for sure.

I had a j/k on my from Cal States and I asked him if he was cool with unresponsive play. The question was an attempt to lead into a question like, “Do you mind yoyoing for me?” But he responded fairly negatively to the unresponsive play. All in all, it was a neat meeting and a great chance to hang out with a grand master and a legend. As far as I know, he lives in Southern California just outside of Oxnard.

Cool story. I’ve met a few yo-yo/ skill toy personalties in my time. Thanks for posting.

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